Friday, November 21, 2014

NZ trip

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to New Zealand to visit family and friends. It's so good to get back and breathe that crisp NZ air. I also went hard on the NZ treats.

I had a quick night away in Dunedin where I got to meet my friends amazing dog. My phone is full of photos of her, she's just so sweet!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Seeing as it was Halloween the other day, I thought I'd share a suitably creepy movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I'm terrible with horror films, being that I'm a giant wuss, but this one is just the right level of 'not too scary'.

The film is set in San Francisco, and Brooke Adams' character lives in one of the 'Painted Ladies'.

Her house is amazing and full of hanging plants, which I tried my best to screenshot, but most of the interior shots were really dark. Still, I like what she's done with the place (a lot better than those Tanners down the street).

Donald Sutherland also has a nice place. I wonder what he's cooking?

Ah, some manner of stir fry.

Best eaten romantically outside with your platonic colleague.

Jeff Goldblum and his wife own a bath house, specialising in therapeutic mud baths. I was hoping for lots of scenes of the baths.

I wasn't disappointed.

Leonard Nimoy makes an appearance at the baths.

Including this shot purely because the outfit is so great.

And this one because Veronica Cartwright plays my favourite character.

Want more scary film recommendations? Here's my last Halloween post from a few years back.

Monday, October 27, 2014


I'm pretty late with posting these, but I went to Queenstown at Easter time – back on the other side of Winter, when it was all beautiful and Autumny.

So… Queenstown is stunning. No matter how many times I visit, and I've spent a lot of time there, it still takes my breath away. It's my favourite place in the world, or maybe a close second to Arrowtown.

We ate at this Boathouse and then fed the ducks by the lake.

It's Super Oscar! My Godson, and Ray's comedy hero.

It's The Lady of the Lake.

The view from where we stayed. Ah-mazing.

I forget what this place was called but we stopped here for some good eats on the way out of town.

Aw, Ray has grown so much since this pic! Not sure what's going on behind the tree (twerking?)

Classic Queenst.

Want to feast your eyes on more New Zealand goodness from Queenstown and surrounds? Here are some blog posts I've enjoyed in the past year:

Bookmarks, by Laura Tjitradjaja

Brooke Holm, photographer


Friday, October 17, 2014

Cute Stuff #6

Some new cute stuff I've been into lately.

The Seychelles dress by Twenty-seven Names

and these similar dresses from Obus. What a rad summer uniform they would make.

This happy pillow from Gorman's Home Time range.

It's much too early to be talking about 2015 calendars, I know, but the Ask Alice Annual Charity Calendar is available for pre-order, and it's a beauty.

Hungry for That. I wish I could dive right into that bottom photo, mouth first.

I have been really into the new Jamie Oliver series, Comfort Food. That's him and Caitlin Moran ogling his toasted cheese sandwich, above, which was an amazing episode. The series, and cookbook is all about taking retro, run of the mill dishes and making them spectacularly, over the top. That cheese sandwich was so impressive.
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